Brand positioning

Our Name

Vention comes from the word invention, which is what we help do.

Our clients come to us with any blue-sky idea, and we have the energy and ability to make it real.

As software developers, ingenuity is ingrained. We're always innovating and inventing.

Brand Idea

A foundational concept that inspires how we speak and look. It's our north star for how we activate visually and verbally.

Sync & Lift feels inspiring. Together we soar. It's about partnership and limitless uplift for our clients and ourselves.


& Lift

Vention is where great minds and ingenuity work in sync to achieve impressive heights.

With a collaborative vibe we uplift each other to tackle challenging projects with agility and ease.

Brand Pillars

These are internal guiding edicts that uphold our narrative. They help explain why we exist and how we work, speaking to purpose and passion.




Sync feels

Lift feels


Defining styles of vocabulary and creating word banks help create consistency across the brand universe. It’s easy for anyone to apply to create motivating language.


  • Partnership
  • Collaboration
  • Team
CollaborateConnectHarmonyIn tuneJoinLinkMatchPartnerSyncTogetherUnifyVibe


  • Encourage
  • Elevate
  • Improve
Vocabulary examples

Combine and create

We're your one-stop source for custom software development. Our collaborative teams offer the boost startups need to succeed.

Harmonize the process

Sync up with best-in-class developers that exceed expectations. Vention teams have the know-how to amplify great products.

Power in partnership

Incredible partnerships are the secret to our success. Our dedicated teams move in sync with our partners to elevate projects to the next level.

Move as one

Scale faster with Vention teams by your side. We're in it with you every step, from concept to completion. Top-notch partnership gets you there.


Just like people, brands have personalities, too. We create this character to help people connect emotionally. We'll give it a name, then add dimension.

Our personality is
and upbeat.


Our momentum. This element of our tone has rhythm, an upbeat and snappy lets-go kind of vibe. Keep things short for musicality.


Our lift. This element of our tone conveys a can-do attitude. It speaks to our muscle and motivation. We've got you.

How to apply


  • Do convey excitement
  • Do sound confident and strong
  • Do use brevity for musicality
  • Do be inclusive: we, us, our


  • Don't sound formal or jargony
  • Don't be quiet or delicate
  • Don't be long-winded
  • Don't speak in third-person (Vention is)

There's a motivating energy in how we write and speak. This has a lot to do with our confidence in equipping clients with what they need to achieve.

We care so much, and this passion comes through. With an upbeat tone, we bring a sense of musicality to our partnerships. We move so well together, as one.

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